Help My Pet Is Out Of Control!

Dogs of all sizes generally have the same mindset. By knowing how dogs think and react, training any dog you choose can be easier than you think. For those that don’t understand that mindset, read on to gain some insight.

Your dog may not learn a command right away. You may need to repeat the same command lesson from 25 to 30 times before your dog learns it. Be patient and continue using a command until your dog learns it.

Stay away from high end training devices like shock collars. They may not work very well and are far too expensive. They aren’t engaging in positive reinforcement either. You will usually get negative results with these techniques.

Use positive reinforcement when puppy training. Your dog should be rewarded with both small treats and happy words. Never shout towards your dog, nor ever hit or physically strike him. Your dog will not respond well to these methods and will not understand what you want them to do. If you want good results, you must be positive, consistent and firm as you train your dog.

Toilet training is as much your responsibility as theirs. Watch for signals that your dog has to go out to relieve himself. Pacing back and forth, snuffing and whining are some common signs. If you see any of these signs, get him outdoors! Get his leash so you can take him to the designated potty area. Praise him for appropriate toileting. Soon, he’ll get the picture that he can ask to go outside.

When you speak to your dog in the correct tone of voice, this is the best way to train your dog. Giving a command or correcting a negative behavior requires an authoritative tone, while praise can be softer. Use a sharp and firm tone for commands and a loud tone to correct his behaviors, saving the natural tone for praises.

You will be a better master if you understand your dog. Having this knowledge can help one effectively train their dog. After understanding more about how different dogs think, the training process becomes much easier.

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