Where To Find The Best Dog Training School

Cute canines can make many people fall in love with them. Welcome to the world of owning a dog! The key to your successful relationship with your pet is making sure they are well trained. Your pet will understand what is expected of him; you can have complete confidence that he will behave whether or not you are home. Find out how to improve the relationship you have with your pet in the following article.

When crate training your new puppy or dog, there are a few tricks you can apply. If your puppy doesn’t like being in his crate, put a dog treat or chew bone in it and close the door to keep him out. Your dog will want the bone and will be unable to resist entering the crate. After your dog goes into the crate, give positive reinforcement to increase the chance that he will go into the crate again.

While training your puppy or dog to use a crate, introduce him to new concepts slowly and gradually, so he is able to adjust to the changes without feeling stressed. When your dog appears to be at ease while inside the crate with the door ajar, you can help him adjust to the crate even further by slowly latching the door and rewarding him with treats fed to him through the spaces between the wires. Keep the gate closed for short periods of time, and work your way up to longer times. If they become upset, you are moving too fast.

The tips you just read should help you establish a successful relationship with your pet. Learn the above techniques and begin using them today. You are certainly already in love with your puppy. Training is what you need. Your dog needs to be properly trained. Best wishes to you and your furry family member.

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