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Once in a Lifetime Dog: My Borisangel by Chantelle Hildreth

Once in a Lifetime Dog:  My Boris Angel Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

I did not make it through the first couple of pages without shedding some tears. As the back cover of the book states, “For anyone who has ever loved, and lost, a dog”. This one sentence says it all! Unless you have loved an animal, one does not know the heartache the owner feels when the pet is no longer with us.

Once in a Lifetime Dog is the true story of Chantelle Hildreth and the love she had for her Russian Wolfhound, Boris. It is also her story of how Boris changed her life.

Chantelle loved animals and throughout her younger years always had the pleasure of their company. She states that animals provided much comfort to her. Not only did their family have dogs but even though they chose not to be cat owners, the cats chose them! Chantelle gives the reader details about the many animals in her life.

One day she spotted a beautiful white Borzoi running down the street. She stopped her truck and called the dog. To her amazement, the dog came running to her. With the help of another woman, they were able to return the dog to the owner. It was now Chantelle’s dream to one day own a beautiful Borzoi. In fact, she admits that she was obsessed with owning a Borzoi.

Chantelle and her boyfriend bought a house and she knew it was now the time to make her dream come true. She tried to get a dog from a Borzoi rescue but they did not have any dogs that met her criteria so she decided to look for one through a breeder. The breeder informed Chantelle that he had a couple of Borzoi’s she might like. Read the rest of this entry »

Katie Up and Down the Hall by Glenn Plaskin

Katie Up and Down the HallReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Glenn Plaskin is a bestselling author. He knew for most of his life that he wanted to get a dog. The most difficult part was finding the right time to go out and bring this bundle of joy into his home. Glenn moved to a new apartment building with a great view of the Hudson River. However, he felt very lonely at times.

Glenn finally decided it was time to adopt a dog. He searched for a good breeder of Cocker Spaniels. There was one puppy left but this one would never make it as a “show dog”. Glenn arranged to meet the breeder and it did not take long for him to realize this dog, named Twiggy, was the one for him. He changed Twiggy’s name to Katie in honor of one of his favorite movie stars, Katharine Hepburn.

Glenn is introduced to apartment neighbors Pearl and her husband, Arthur, who recently lost their Cocker Spaniel. A bond developed between all of them. Glenn joined them for meals and Pearl would watch Katie while Glenn went to work. Read the rest of this entry »

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin

Oogy:  The Dog Only a Family Could LoveReviewed by Nancy Eaton

I could never understand how anyone would harm an animal. Dog fighting operations inflict such cruelty and terrible treatment to dogs in order to “toughen them up”. This torture is beyond belief. It is difficult to comprehend how anyone could stand by and watch this brutal blood sport.

Oogy is a dog that suffered from the brutal sport of dog fighting. Fighting dogs that will not fight are usually destroyed in very inhumane ways such as being electrocuted, hung, stabbed, and drowned, etc. Oogy was probably given to another dog to be torn apart. This is another way to destroy a dog that will not fight. Oogy was used as bait. He was tied up and left there for a Pit Bull to tear apart. That is exactly what happened. The left side of Oogy’s face was torn off including his left ear. Then he was left in a cage to bleed to death. This is only some of the injuries that occurred to this dog. More damage to Oogy would be discovered later.

Oogy was discovered when police raided the dog-fighting center. He was taken to an emergency hospital. Diane Klein, who was the Director of Operations, pleaded with Dr. Bianco to look at the dog to see if anything could be done to save him. After Dr. Bianco’s exam, he told Diane that the dog could not be saved because of infection and the trauma that would result because of surgery. Diane, refusing to give up, told Dr. Bianco he had to save the dog.

Dr. Bianco performed surgery on Oogy and it lasted for several hours. Shortly thereafter, Oogy had another complication. He did not want to eat. Dr. Bianco had a feeling as to what might be wrong and dug into the back of Oogy’s jaw with forceps and felt loose jawbone. He extracted a piece of the jawbone. The bone was crushed during the violent attack. When Oogy tried to eat, the loose bone was digging into the roof of his mouth causing extreme pain even though he did not show anyone how much pain he was in. Thanks to everyone on the staff, Oogy now began his journey to recovery. Read the rest of this entry »

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